JINDAL: Time To Let Birth Control Pills Be Sold Over The Counter

bobby-jindalLouisiana Governor Bobby Jindal penned an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal supporting the sale of oral contraceptives over the counter without a prescription.

The goal, the Republican argues, is to take birth control away from the Democrats as a political issue. He tempers this by saying that he’s an “unapologetic” pro-lifer and supports parents who do not want their children to have sex.

Jindal says that the only reasons that The Pill requires a visit to the doctor prior to buying the drug is because “Big Government” mandates it and big pharmaceutical companies benefit from this.

Despite the fact that this reasoning misses the prominent point about the need to see a doctor prior to getting birth control pills — there are multiple different versions of oral birth control for different age groups, medical conditions and dosages, oral birth control interacts with hormones in a delicate way that requires the professional opinion of a medical doctor, and it’s not uncommon for adverse effects to occur from chemicals interacting with crucial hormones at every point in life — Jindal takes the laissez faire approach and believes that people should be able to self-medicate.

To finish reading this post, please head over to Business Insider.

To finish reading this post, please head over to Business Insider.


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    • Vikky

      Proof that the religious nuts REALLY don’t want to pay for women’s healthcare. OTC isn’t usually covered by insurance!