Kate Middleton Is Already Back On The Job

1217 middletonA duchess’s work is never done: Hospitalized less than two weeks ago for acute morning sickness, Kate Middleton made a public appearance last night, presenting an award at something called the BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards. She looked gorgeous as usual, but don’t you want to tell her it’s OK to stay in bed just a bit longer? What’s the point of marrying a prince if you need to go rushing back to work so soon after a serious illness?

Kate does not officially have a “job,” of course. But it’s her duty as a royal to make public appearances this one. In the past year she has cheered on Olympians in London, visited far-flung locations including the Solomon Island and California, and attended scores of locally important events like the “Thistle Service” installing Prince William, Earl of Strathearn as a Knight of the Thistle. England is weird.

Though swanning around the world wearing beautiful gowns is not exactly coal mining, it’s also not exactly relaxing at home watching Lifetime, which is all I would want to do if I were going through a difficult pregnancy. So it’s not a stretch to say that Duchess Kate was on the job at last night’s awards ceremony.

Kate smiled her way through the ceremony last night, looking gorgeous in a long dark green b<>Alexander McQueen dress. (Her pregnancy doesn’t seem to be showing yet.) She had cancelled her last four scheduled public appearances, and this is surely a sign that she’s on the mend. After staying at the event for 45 minutes, she returned home to rest. What does a duchess have to do to get some medical leave around here?

Photo via Daily Mail

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