Watch This Sketch Full Of Vagina Panic From SNL


Martin Short was the host of Saturday Night Live this weekend, and it was a thoroughly enjoyable episode, with his sketch comedy chops making him seem less like a host and more like a bonus cast member. The best sketch of the night, for our money, featured Short as a liaison to the Queen and Bill Hader as the royal OB/GYN. Short proceeded to advise him on the proper protocol for dealing with the royal “Ahem,” including tipping one’s hat to it (but only if it tips its hat first).

It was a great sketch, made all the more amusing by Bill Hader’s valiant attempts to hold it together in the face of Short’s lisping, stuffy Englishman character, that dealt with a phenomenon both bemusing and frustrating: why is it so hard for just about everyone to be comfortable with the word “vagina”? After this sketch we will have at least 10 other euphemisms to add to the lexicon – maybe we can at least give “ladyparts” a rest.

To watch the clip, head over to The Jane Dough.
To watch the clip, head over to The Jane Dough.

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