Gwen Stefani’s Refreshing Honesty: Constant Dieting And ‘Guilt’ About Working Too Much

1218 gwenNo Doubt singer and style queen Gwen Stefani is on the cover of the January issue of Vogue. On the cover, she’s a rock-star glamazon wearing a sparkly gold blazer and photographed by Annie Leibovitz. Inside, however, the mother of two gives an impressively honest interview about her “guilt” about working when her two young sons are at home.

Stefani says she was at first resistant to recording a new album with her old band. “Getting to the studio and not being able to make it happen, but missing out on being at home, missing out on putting the kids down. What’s more important? I felt so guilty,” she tells Vogue. Her husband, Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale, spent nearly a year touring to promote his own band’s music recently. “he was there for me mentally, but physically? These boys are physical. They wake up and they start punching each other!” she says. “One thing we’ve had in our relationship the whole time is that we can have it both ways: together, not together, and it’s fine. But when you have kids? It’s not so great. They need him. Once you have a family, it’s just so obvious how everyone needs each other. So it’s really nice to have him back.”

Stefani herself barely cut down on her touring schedule once she became a mother. She toured until she was four and a half months pregnant with her first son, and calls the morning sickness and travel “torture.” She went back on the road when he was just eight months old, but continued to nurse him until he was more than a year old. “I would literally do my hair and makeup, go back to the bus, nurse him, put him down, and walk out onstage,” she says. “And I did that for 100 shows.’

Stefani has an impressive history of being honest about how being a celebrity is not all glamour. In an interview with Elle UK last year, she called her weight a “daily struggle.” “I work out five days a week, I can’t imagine not doing it. I’d like to have no rules and eat what I want, but I’ve learned over the years that I’m so disappointed when I can’t wear the clothes I want to wear.” And she admits that she’s tough on herself. “If I let myself down, appear on stage when I’m not looking my best, it’s not fun for me,” she said. “I just beat myself up about it.”

In August, she told Harper’s Bazaar that she applies makeup constantly, including on casual days at home. “I already put my makeup on twice today: I put it on to take my kid to school, and then I went home, washed my face, and put it on again to have lunch with you,” she told the writer. She slathers it on at home, too, because “I like to make my husband like me more,” she said. “And he likes it when I’m wearing makeup.”

That sounds kind of grim, doesn’t it? Her career requires her to starve herself and travel constantly, and she’s apparently insecure enough about her ten-year marriage that she wears makeup all the time. How awful! I’m not even being sarcastic, this sounds truly depressing to me. Then again, I am not a celebrity nor a millionaire nor married to a rock star nor a sample size. So I have to hand it to her: It’s kinda awesome that she’s honest about what it takes to maintain her life. The world could use more of that.


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