3 Common Job Search Fallacies

job-search-fallacies-300x200Many job seekers have a misconception that interviewers are superior beings. You must understand that, at one point, your interviewer was exactly in the same position as you are now: worrying about when he or she will get their first job offer.

Considering hiring managers to be infallible is not the only misconception most job seekers have. Here are common misconceptions that plague the minds of many job candidates:

1. I must show my creativity in my resume.

A resume is a document meant to showcase your credentials, not creativity or humor. A resume is one document you shouldn’t experiment with, according to experts. So, follow the rules of resume writing when creating one, and avoid experimenting with it.

Hiring managers and recruiters like resumes that convey the candidate’s skills in clear terms. The format of your resume should be such that recruiters have no difficulty understanding what you have to offer. The important information — such as your education, skills, and experience — should not be cryptic or obscured but rather laid out clearly so recruiters can easily compare your resume to other resumes and judge where you stand.

The aim of sending a resume, to reiterate, is to make it easier for the recruiter to know relevant information about you. The purpose of sending a resume is not to show off your creative skills and, in the process, give the recruiter a headache as he or she tries to make heads or tails of your resume.

2. The recruiter’s only aim is to humiliate me.

Many interviewees wrongly believe the hiring manager’s only aim is to humiliate, confuse, and mystify them. In truth, the only thing the recruiter is concerned with is to find out whether or not you are suitable for the job. Sometimes recruiters do put on a slightly aggressive demeanor, but their intentions are certainly not malicious. All they are trying to do is gauge if you can take the heat or not.

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To finish this post, head on over to Come Recommended.

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