Here’s The Real Reason No One Drinks Diet Pepsi Anymore


Diet Pepsi will get a relaunch campaign from TBWA/Chiat/Day in mid January with ads starring actress Sofia Vergara under the tagline “Love Every Sip.” (The drink will also be sold with a different sweetener in its ingredients but the ads won’t talk about that.)

The question behind the campaign is, why does Diet Pepsi need to be relaunched in the first place?

As everyone in the soda business knows, PepsiCo’s soda business is in the midst of an epic, historic collapse. In Q3 2012, volume at its American division declined 3%, driven by a 4% decline in North America. There was a 7% revenue decline to $5.5 billion. In March 2011, Pepsi was humbled as Diet Coke became the nation’s No.2 favorite drink behind Coke, and Pepsi slipped to No.3. Diet Pepsi is only the 7th most-drunk soda in the U.S.

We’ve noted before that during recent years Pepsi has seen at least 28 senior brand managers leave the company. Pepsi drinks’ senior marketing staff are frequently either new to the business or temporary fixtures.

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