Tough Interview Questions Answered: “Tell Me About Yourself”


When you land a job interview, there’s always the chance that you’ll be asked one or more tough interview questions that turn out to be a doozy to answer. That’s why today I’m discussing how to answer these tricky and tough interview questions.

For me, one of those tough interview questions turned out to be, “Tell me about yourself.” An interviewer often uses this tough interview question as a starter to the interview. But for me, this was the only question asked during the entire job interview! This immediately prompted some awkward silence, blundering answers, and too much information on my part. In retrospect, I would have done many things differently to answer this interview question and ace the job interview.

1. Take your time. As with any interview question, it’s okay to take your time to think about your answer. This shows you’re being thoughtful in what information you’d like to share with the interviewer. In fact, in the end, it will sound much better than a rushed and unorganized response. In many ways, this is such a tough interview question because there is no right answer!

2. Discuss accomplishments and work history, but don’t tell your life story. It’s easy to feel a little unfocused when answering this interview question. But just remember to focus on your accomplishments and work history. Specifically, focus on your skills and background that show you’re fit for the job to the interviewer.

3. Don’t let any awkward silence get to you. An interviewer will sometimes like to leave the questions hanging to see if you’ll add any more information, or perhaps add too much information. Don’t be tricked! If you’ve answered the question to the best of your ability, let the silence be and kindly ask if the interviewer has any additional questions. If you’re not sure, simply try to keep your answer to no more than two minutes in length.


To finish this post, head on over to Come Recommended.
To finish this post, head on over to Come Recommended.

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