Afraid of the Media, but Want Attention? PR Pro Paramjit L. Mahli Shares Some Tips

By: Alison Monahan

Lawyers have a love/hate relationship with publicity and rainmaking. Today, we’re pleased to have Paramjit L. Mahli here to talk about both of these things!

Paramjit is the Founder/CEO of The Rainmakers Roundtable, and — although she’s not a lawyer — she has lots of good advice for the legal profession!

Without further ado…

I’m a lawyer, and I live in terror of the day my phone rings with a reporter on the other end. What should I do in that situation? What do I need to think about beforehand?

Firstly, remain calm, ask the reporter the deadline for their story. Listen to the reporter, see if it’s an appropriate fit.

If it’s an urgent breaking story, ask them to give you 20 minutes to collect your thoughts together. Some reporters will give you the questions via email.

If the deadline is more than a day, ask to call back within 24 hours.

More importantly, do what you say you are going to do.

If you are corresponding via email, make certain all your information is sent in one email. You want to put your best foot forward.

If you cannot help the reporter, and know of another attorney who can, refer that attorney to the reporter. But, make certain the other attorney is media friendly.

I’m starting law school soon, and I think I want to start a solo practice when I graduate. What are the three most important things I can start doing as soon classes begin, to help make that dream a reality?

Be focused, organized, and disciplined. Be like the eagle — do not let go of your eagle vision.

I work with many lawyers who dislike things like calendaring and organization. Sad truth, it’s the only way to get things done. Calendar, like mad. Spend one hour to 90 minutes calendaring everything. School, networking, homework…socializing. You name it, get it down in the calendar.

Finally discipline, master the art of discipline. Yes, it’s boring but you need discipline in order to get things done. Starting taking baby steps. This is all about changing work habits.


To finish reading this interview, head on over to The Girl’s Guide To Law School.
To finish reading this interview, head on over to The Girl’s Guide To Law School.


Paramjit L. Mahli is the Founder/CEO of The Rainmakers Roundtable. She works with lawyers and professionals who are committed to improving their bottom-line and increasing profits.

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