10 Things We Haaaate About The Holidays



Yes, the holidays can be a jolly time. They’re also expensive, exhausting, full of weird relatives and pressure-cooker traditions. Here, the ten things that fry our tinsel this time of year:

  • Three days of cooking—30 minutes of eating.
  • Digging through mouse-infested boxes for the ornaments that Dad’s mom made in 1956 because he’ll freak out if they’re not on the tree.
  • The gift you inevitably leave on the kitchen counter before you get in the car.
  • Running out of tape at 11:28 p.m. on Christmas Eve.
  • Kris Kringles. Thanks for the keychain, random guy from Accounting.
  • Three words: Family. Holiday. Newsletters.
  • You once got a lovely silver picture frame, but never used it. So you regift it to your neighbor…only to remember with a cold blast of clarity that she was the one who gave it to you.
  • Fighting with your husband all the way to a holiday party, and then having to be fake and cheery all night.


To finish this post, head on over to the DailyWorth.
To finish this post, head on over to the DailyWorth.

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