5 Other Reasons To Celebrate Christmas Eve

1224 tom and nicoleIt’s December 24, Christmas Eve, which gives you a reason to be happy if you celebrate Christmas, if your family is spending time together, and if you have today and tomorrow off work. If none of those reasons work for you, here are 5 other reasons to celebrate today. December 24 is…

1.  Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s former wedding anniversary. Fingers crossed for a reunion?

2. The anniversary of the end of the War of 1812: Peace on earth! (For a while.)

3Ryan Seacrest’s birthday: What kind of joyless wasteland would American culture be without him?

4. The anniversary of the first-ever public radio broadcast, from Brant Rock, Massachusetts, to ships sailing off the Atlantic coast. Without the radio, how would you have all those Pink songs memorized?

5. Maybe it’s your birthday! If so, here’s some career-related astrology for you: “December 24 people are hard workers who weather the sacrifices that come with success. They can follow rules they don’t agree with, because they know self-discipline usually pays off. December 24 people are good financial planners and money managers. They aren’t afraid to take risks.” Congrats!

Photo: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com

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