Italian Priest Blames Domestic Violence On Women



There’s nothing that gets me out of the twinkle-lighted, fa-la-la-ing, joy-to-the-world holiday spirit faster than reports of ignorant and sexist victim blaming. San Terenzio priest Piero Corsi invited women to take part in some “healthy self criticism” over the holidays by posting a leaflet on his church’s notice board that asserted that women trigger men’s violence by dressing provocatively and lacking domestic virtues. Oh yes, this is real. The time to reach for a strong drink is now.

Corsi’s advice hinges on the idea that men are naturally violent and that it is a woman’s job to curtail this uncontrollable masculine rage. He suggests that in incidents of domestic violence, women share some of the blame:


To finish this post, head on over to The Jane Dough.
To finish this post, head on over to The Jane Dough. 

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