Meet The 100-Year-Old Woman Who Loves Working Five Days A Week

Meet your new office-attitude inspiration for 2013: 100-year-old Rosa Finnegan. She punches in for work five days a week at a needle and tubing manufacturing company called Vita Needle in Massachusetts, and she loves it. PBS NewsHour posted this brief interview with Finnegan this week, and it’s 100% delightful.

“I’d be so bored sitting at home,” Finnegan tells correspondent Paul Solomon. She has an eye disorder that prevents her from reading, which she used to love to do. Solomon suggests books on tape, and she cheerfully replies that she falls asleep. “I wake up, and it’s about 10 chapters later and I don’t know what the man’s talking about!” (You can watch the full 10-minute segment about Vita Needle here.)

Finnegan says she simply loves coming to work. “Everyone’s happy to see you, you start the day with a smile and a greeting and it makes all the difference in the world,” she says. “If I had to sit at home I’d be so bored I don’t know what I’d do. I don’t think I’d last long.” Finnegan turns 101 in February. She says she’s slowing down, but “as long as I don’t come to a screeching halt I’ll be lucky.” Here’s wishing her happy working ‘til the end.


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    • BeaB

      I kind of want to be like her when I’m 100!