Is It Better to Be Paid in Compliments Than Money?


A compliment from your co-worker could make you happier than a handful of $20 bills.

Really, it’s true! A study by Professor Norihiro Sadato and his associates about social rewards found that receiving praise–not cash–was the best way to motivate participants.

The fact that compliments are better than monetary rewards probably comes as a surprise. After all, most of our society is structured around using cash motivators to increase our happiness. When you perform well at your job, you get a salary increase. When you want to reward an employee, you give them a bonus. When you need to incentivize a child to do well, you dole out an allowance. (Though some people don’t have to do extra work to be paid more, like this man who is paid more than his female co-worker.)


To finish reading this post, head on over to Learnvest.
To finish reading this post, head on over to Learnvest.

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    • Save1Star

      This only works to a degree. I don’t really appreciate my boss telling me I’m doing a great job and reminding me that I can’t file OT as she strolls out the door Friday afternoon. If you don’t show your employees that you mean it, compliments begin to lose any value.

    • Anoon

      I prefer constructive criticisms. I have a strong dislike for compliments as I usually feel embarrassed about being complimented.

      So, I guess I’ll take the money.