Keep Your New Years Resolutions



Every year we give ourselves a list of things we want to improve on or change in our lives but many end up falling off in a few weeks’ time. We’ve all been there and done that but sometimes there are a few things we really wish would stick. Here are a few tips to help you successfully accomplish your goals for 2013.

1. Make a Vision Board

Yes, it sounds a little childish but by putting up photos or quotes of things you want in plain view, you are more likely to pursue them.  We all know if something is out of sight, it is out of mind — so put your goals in your line of sight each day to keep you motivated.

2. Tell Friends and Family

By letting loved ones or your bestie in on your goals they will be likely to help you through them especially if they ask about your resolutions — you’ll have to stick to it knowing you’ll have to answer to someone later on if you don’t.

3. Find Someone with a Similar Resolution

If you resolution is to lose weight or to be more stress-free, find a buddy with similar goals — The Buddy System! Like tip #2, you will have a support system to back up on and you’ll depend on one another to make it a smooth experience. Knowing that someone else is also riding it out, you’ll be less inclined to give up.

4. Reward Yourself

Mark when you begin your resolution; once you hit the one week mark reward yourself with something that makes you feel good such as a movie or a mani/pedi. When you feel yourself slipping a little just remind yourself you got through one week and can make it through another. It will become a pattern and you can reward yourself once you hit the one month mark and so on. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, but something to keep you going until you reach your goal.

5. Don’t Beat Yourself Up

If you have a moment of weakness regarding a resolution — don’t beat yourself up over it. Just remember to get back on that horse and try, try again.


To finish this post, head on over to Quincy.
To finish this post, head on over to Quincy.

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