The Worst Moment For Feminism On The Bachelor Premiere


Welcome to our new weekly feature, where we identify the Worst Moment For Feminism on the most recent episode of The Bachelor.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Watching the first episode of The Bachelor usually serves as a reminder of how immutable the show’s traditions are: the “wacky” entrances, the contestants who try to push the physical contact too far, the spangled cocktail dresses. And season after season, there is one moment that makes me weep for the future of feminism. Last night, that moment came when Tierra LiCausi got out of the limousine to meet Sean.

Sean, perhaps giving us an early indication that he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, spoke with Tierra for about three seconds before giving her a rose. This is not unprecedented — there’s always a “first impression” rose up for grabs during the first night (…I hate myself). What was not unique, but still depressing, was that upon entering the house, Tierra was set upon by the other ladies like they were starving animals and she was steak even though they all understood that the “first impression rose” was a thing. This happens every year, and it’s always deeply unflattering to watch various women whine about The Bachelor liking other various women more than he likes them, apparently forgetting that this is the first night any of them have laid eyes on each other. No wonder Tierra apparently goes Full Rage Monster as the season wears on (and maybe gets pushed down some stairs? I’ll report back).

I am almost positive that Tierra is a heinous person, but there’s no need to turn on each other so quickly, ladies. How are we going to solve the wage gap if everyone is so quick to push each other down the stairs be so judgmental?


To finish this post, head on over to The Jane Dough.
To finish this post, head on over to The Jane Dough.


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