How To Write a Kick Ass Cover Letter


Writing a compelling cover letter can mean the difference between your job application going into the “yes” versus the “no” pile. That’s not even taking into account what happens if you forgo the cover letter altogether. So lets take the mystery out of writing an awesome cover letter. Here’s exactly how your cover letter format should look:

Step 1: Addressing your kick ass cover letter.

If you can find the name and address for the hiring manager or recruiter, do it! Don’t be lazy with this one. Addressing your cover letter to a real person makes a huge difference.

Step 2: Writing an awesome introductory paragraph.

Introduce yourself and your intentions. This sentence is a great way to get started, but of course isn’t the only way you can begin a cover letter:

“I am writing to you today because I’m interested in/applying for the INSERT JOB TITLE position in your INSERT LOCATION office.”

Explain what job you’re applying for, the location, and how you found the job posting. Wrap up this paragraph with your intentions and why you’re interested. Be personal and use your creativity here.

Step 3: Crafting the meat of the letter (AKA the body).

This is where you’ll put the bulk of your pitch to the hiring manager. Starting out, here are some important points to keep in mind in this section of your cover letter:

  • You should be explaining why you’re right for this position.
  • If possible, you should be showcasing your knowledge on the company and how you fit into that puzzle.
  • You should not restate your resume.
  • You should expand on your resume and give more insight into your experiences, especially those that make you stand out and show you’re a great fit.
  • You should use the job description to help you out. Outline exactly how you meet certain job requirements.
  • You should make it easy to read, use bullet points if necessary. But short and succinct paragraphs work too.

Step 4: Closing up your awesomeness.

Always end your cover letter with thanks and your next steps in a succinct way. Don’t ramble.

“Thank you for taking my application for the INSERT JOB TITLE position into consideration. I look forward to working for your team and will contact you in two weeks to discuss the possibility of setting up an interview.”

Again, there are so many variations to this conclusion — you should never copy something directly from the Internet! Personalize your conclusion however you see fit for you.

To finish reading this post, head on over to Come Recommended.
To finish reading this post, head on over to Come Recommended.

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