Chris Burch Is A Bad Sport (In Other News, Tory Is Still Rich)

13_tory_lglSomeone is a sore loser. Businessman Chris Burch, ex-husband of fashion mogul Tory Burch and founder of C.Wonder, is not great at not saying anything at all when he doesn’t have anything nice to say. Chris slung plenty of insults when he was suing his ex-wife for not letting him sell his shares in the company while she simultaneously sued him for ripping off her designs, and even though they settled on New Year’s Day he’s still determined to get his licks in.

Women’s Wear Daily reported that at its WWD CEO summit Chris said some nasty things when he made a speech. He said,  “I’ve been getting so much good press. I mean, everybody loves me. Who wouldn’t like a 60-year-old guy? They’re going to love me a lot more than a beautiful 32- or 42-year-old woman.“ And then added under his breath, “Well, actually, Tory’s 39.”

Should we be surprised? After all, this is the man who, during their boardroom battle, said his wife had the same qualifications for starting a fashion line as Amanda Bynes. She “never operated any business and had never been employed as a clothing designer,” his lawsuit alleged.

To finish reading the post, head on over to The Jane Dough.
To finish reading the post, head on over to The Jane Dough.

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