Judging By This Angry Email, Marissa Mayer Hasn’t Yet Wowed ALL Yahoo Employees

marissamayerdazedMost of the noise out of Yahoo since it hired ex-Googler Marissa Mayer to be CEO itself has been positive.

But not all of it.

Last week, for example, we got an angry, anti-Mayer email from an anonymous reader who described themselves as a Yahoo employee.

The email attacks Mayer’s work on several counts:

  • For being late to meetings. “There has not been a single meeting or event here that since she has taken the helm, she arrives on time, not one. The amount of wasted time and anger building up from her lack of caring or understanding that it isn’t just her time that matters is astounding. She is routinely over an hour late for things.”
  • For ignoring Yahoo’s non-engineers. “Product feels very empowered but the rest of the company feels like zeros. Sales turnover is accelerating and the impact will be felt in the next three quarters. Could be dramatic.”
  • For hiring the wrong people for senior roles. “[COO] Henrique [De Castro], [CMO] Kathy Savitt and [HR boss Jacqueline] Reeses are…Smart, yes, collaborative, human, NO! The internal politicking is at an all time high and even those three are fighting with Marissa already.”

Readers should note that we tried to verify this person’s identity, but after lots of effort, failed.

We showed the email to other Yahoo sources, and they say that some of the details suggest the emailer is someone who is either a Yahoo employee, or one who used to be.

So…Does the email reflect commonly held views among Yahoo employees?

We passed it around to some of our sources close to Yahoo employees to find out.

To finish the post, head on over to Business Insider.
To finish the post, head on over to Business Insider.

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