Tara Guenthner: From Intern To Championship Director At The PGA

Tara-GuenthnerIf you’ve been checking in here regularly (and we hope you are!) you probably know that this is Golf Week here at Levo, and so it’s only fitting that we spent Office Hours with Tara Guenthner, the former championship director of The PGA, who now owns her own event design company, Hipp Inspired.

Tara started out at the PGA as an intern with the Ryder Cup — in fact, it’s first one ever — and she worked hard to get her foot in the door. After being told that the Ryder Cup wasn’t accepting interns (seemingly because they simply never thought to do so) she offered to still come in and work for free — while also working a 40-hour-a-week job.

Tara says she went in to the Ryder Cup office “some weekends, some days during the week that I wasn’t scheduled to work,” and that enabled her to create a relationship with the office staff.

“As it turns out, after cultivating that relationship, they created an internship position for the next summer which was the summer of the Ryder Cup, and they asked me if I would like to come back and work full-time and be paid as the first official intern of The PGA of America,” she recalls.

To check out the full interview, head on over to The Levo League.
To check out the full interview, head on over to The Levo League.

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