Setting Smart Expectations As A First-Time Job Seeker

Danger-Expectation-300x225When I began my pre-graduation job search the advice and opinions seemed to pour in–my ears rang for a solid week. After compiling it with the information I’d gained throughout college, four years of working at my university’s student-run advertising and public relations, two internships and countless amounts of networking events, I was fairly certain I’d heard it all and was more than prepared to tackle my job search.

After one short month immersed in my hunt, I realized I’d completely overlooked the most important part of any job search:  setting expectations. How could I have missed something so crucial?

As a first-time job seeker, it’s easy to let the overall act of seeking employment overwhelm and potentially distract you from some of the finer details. Without smart and effective job search expectations, I immediately found myself facing dilemmas I was completely unprepared for.

Setting smart expectations for your job search may be just what you need to get hired. Here are six expectations you need to consider to find success:

1. Searching Too Much vs. Searching Too Little. While seeking a position, many individuals are faced with a variety of dilemmas regarding time management. It’s important to put a high level of energy into your search without losing touch with the world, but also keep in mind you won’t be hired if you don’t make time for your search.

2. Expect To Interact To Proceed. It’s easy to set expectations for the contact you wish to receive from hiring managers throughout your search. Potential employers are far more inclined to interact with you when you follow up with them first.

3. Expect To Customize Your Resume For Each Position. Lazy job seekers need not apply. Sending out the same resume to every position you apply for may seem like a timesaver, but it’s a time-waster in the long run. Set a high standard early by customizing your materials for every position you apply to.

4. You Aren’t All That And A Bag Of Chips.  While confidence is wonderful, cockiness is a big turn off for hiring managers. As a first-time job seeker, no one owes you anything. Find a manageable level of confidence to present yourself as both competent and humble.

To finish reading this post, head on over to Come Recommended.
To finish reading this post, head on over to Come Recommended.

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