• Wed, Jan 16 2013

Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Drop The Big Bucks

0116 big bucksSome people will drive a mile out of their way to save a buck. Some of us have it delivered. The “value of a dollar” depends on the spender. The value you place on money is hugely driven by emotion. Behind every dollar you spend, there’s an emotion attached to it. Get clear on the emotional driver, and you get clear on your relationship to prosperity.

Before you reach for your wallet or click on “Buy,” ask yourself, Is this going to give me pleasure — AND peace?

You know those panicky purchases when you buy something to look cool or impress someone? You’re putting down your credit card and you feel all cagey and unsettled? Extreme example: my friend bought a Lexus… for her high-school reunion. “I drove off the car lot and felt sick to my stomach.” The ego-fix didn’t add to her well of inner peace. She sold the Lexus and got a car she could afford. Pleasure and peace.

Ask yourself: Is this going to help me get the results that I’m aiming for? When you’re focused on creating an amazing future, you tend to value the present more. Is the dress, the motorcycle, the trip, bringing you closer to your dreams or tugging you off course?

To finish reading this post, head on over to Danielle LaPorte’s site.
To finish reading this post, head on over to Danielle LaPorte’s site.

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