Be A Stand-Out Job Candidate: Start Reading

EllieBoggs-Be_a_stand_out_job_candidate-_Start_reading-readingpostphotoReading is a key way to advance your job search. Although, at first glance, it may seem like a simplistic tactic to add to your job search toolbox, reading is an imperative career development tool that many job seekers forget about. From reading the daily news to reading industry blogs and books, a daily intake of news will help advance your job search and, ultimately, your career.

During your job search, reading is especially important. Here’s why:

1. Reading shows employers that you are a voracious learner.

We all know those people who just can’t get enough of reading and learning new subjects – whether the topics are business related or otherwise – and it turns out those people who love to learn are also highly employable. Businesses aren’t static entities that only cover one topic; therefore, a broad understanding of current events, politics, history and business will serve you well as you hunt for job, and as you immerse yourself as a new employee in an organization.

Tip: Try reading one headline story from the Washington Post, a reputable source for politics news, and the New York Times, a reputable source for general news, every day.

2. Reading gives you industry knowledge.

There is nothing employers like more than job candidates that can distinguish themselves from the other job seekers by displaying a comprehensive knowledge of industry topics and trends. Reading industry blogs and books will obviously help you in the interview round of your job search; however, the knowledge you amass will also show through your social networking profiles, cover letters and personal blog.

Tip: Identify three or four blogs that are highly regarded in your particular industry, add them to your Google Reader and scan them daily. This is the first step toward becoming an expert in your industry.

3.     Reading helps you become an industry expert.

One step in the job search process is to become an expert in your area, and all experts read industry news and blogs. You will begin forming your own opinions on trends and news after becoming somewhat of an expert; don’t be afraid to blog about the opinions that you have developed from reading, doing so will add a favorable dimension to your candidacy for a position.

To finish reading this post, head on over to Come Recommended.
To finish reading this post, head on over to Come Recommended.

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