Here Is The Job Posting That Would Have Let You Work For Beyoncé

0118 beyGQ’s recent cover story on Beyoncé revealed that the woman is not just a pop star, not just a mom, not just the wife of a superstar, and not just the owner of a cosmetology school (?!). She is also the relentlessly precise cataloguer of her own life. In a sleek Manhattan office, she maintains a “long, narrow room that contains the official Beyoncé archive, a temperature-controlled digital-storage facility that contains virtually every existing photograph of her, starting with the very first frames taken of Destiny’s Child, the ’90s girl group she once fronted; every interview she’s ever done; every video of every show she’s ever performed; every diary entry she’s ever recorded while looking into the unblinking eye of her laptop.” Well, who doesn’t? But an archive like that doesn’t just pop into existence. And now we know how that archive came to be. Behold, the online job posting for Beyoncé’s personal archivist.

The details come via BetaBeat. Here’s the posting, which, yes, actually appeared online:

Digital Archivist for Beyonce


Parkwood Entertainment


No location given- probably NYC


Parkwood Entertainment is seeking a digital archivist interested in organizing and building an archive for a major pop star (Beyonce) starting with approximately 130 TB of footage with an eye to expanding further in the future. Candidates should have experience with servers and enterprise class storage and be able to recommend hardware solutions. Looking for someone to start immediately, pay is negotiable.  Prospective applicants should e-mail resume and cover letter to: Annette Govan – and William Kirstein –

The job was posted online in 2011, which means you could be starting your second year working for Bey, if only you had seen it.

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