Dream Job? What It’s Like To Work As A Royal Nanny

Spoonful-of-SugarAs the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, AKA Will and Kate, prepare to become parents, they’re doing what many well-to-do couples do: Hire some help. The couple has posted an ad for a housekeeper whose duties would including walking the dog, polishing the silver, and yes, watching the royal baby.

Believe it or not, the posting actually indicates the royal couple intend to be more involved than previous royal parents have been. The Daily Mail notes that in the past, the various tasks in the new job posting would have been split between several employees. It’s not yet clear whether the couple will employ an official royal nanny yet.

“With roles including walking the dog, polishing silverware, driving the car and watching the baby, the new all-encompassing housekeeper is a million miles away from the type of care that previous royalty have received,” one nanny expert told the paper. The queen’s nanny, by contrast, would have been assisted by a team of nursemaids, “under-nurses” and chambermaids.

Prince Charles was so fond of his nanny that it was reported he wanted her to return to care for baby William. Princess Diana vetoed that, however, and appointed a woman named Barbara Barnes, who traveled all over the world with the family. She was later replaced by Olga Powell, who stayed with the family for 15 years.

Even if Will and Kate don’t hire an official full-time royal nanny, they’ll have plenty of help. Don’t think you can snag the job just because you have a few years of nanny experience with a nice family in the suburbs. (If I’m wrong about this, Will and Kate, please call me!). Whoever gets the job will likely have trained at a top nanny college — who knew? — and “be knowledgeable about current issues.” Start polishing up that resume!

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