10 Unique Job Benefits That Will Lure Top Employees

baby-at-work1Most of the time, choosing the right job for you is a lot more complicated than the salary and job description. Job benefits often lure job candidates to and from certain employers. In fact, in 2011, 63 percent of workers younger than 40 agreed that their retirement program was an important factor in accepting their job. Similarly, 46 percent of all workers agreed that health benefits were also an important factor in accepting their job.

But if you’re a smaller business or start-up, offering legitimately good benefits packages may not be possible. Because of this, you’re forced to look at other competitive benefits options that will attract the same top talent as the bigwig companies in your industry. The good news is this is possible, as job seekers do covet job benefits other than healthcare and a 401k.

So let’s take a look at unique job benefits that will attract top talent:

  1. Flexible work schedules. Who doesn’t like being able to create their own work schedules? Whether you allow your workers to do work from home or you don’t care if they roll into the office until 11am, as long as their work gets done on time, schedule flexibility is a job perk that most job seekers would jump on quickly!
  2. Company vehicles. Offering dibs on a company car is a great perk to offer your employees, especially for those who do a lot of traveling.
  3. Gym memberships. Providing company memberships to local gyms is not only a great perk to your employees, it also encourages healthy living in the workplace, giving you happier and healthier employees.
  4. Daycare facilities. Show you’re a family-oriented employer by providing access to off-site daycare facilities at discounted rates or hiring an in-house babysitter. This is a great way to win over your employees.
  5. Unlimited sick days. Can’t offer paid vacation or healthcare? Well, unlimited sick leave might be the next best thing.
  6. Profit sharing. Profit sharing is great way to get your employees involved in your business at a higher risk and profit. This tactic gives employees a share in a percentage of the profits of the company based on the company’s earnings.

To finish reading this post, head on over to Come Recommended.
To finish reading this post, head on over to Come Recommended.

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