Best Resume Ever Turns Job-Seeker Into Amazon Product

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 9.59.27 AMHire Philippe Dubost.

He’s the genius who put together this online resume that’s an impeccable pastiche of an Amazon product page.

The portion above is just a taste of the resume, which includes “customer reviews,” a product description, and even shipping details (“This item is available for shipping anywhere in the world!”). Dubost is a web product manager, and it’s hard to imagine he’ll have a hard time finding work with a resume this pitch-perfect.

Highlights in cleverness:

  • “Gift-wrap available (frustration-free breathable packaging).”
  • “Frequently Bought Together”: Dubost, running shoes, and airline tickets (he’s a serious runner)
  • The little message that pops up when you click “Why the heck am I seeing this advertisement?” (I don’t want to spoil it for you.)

Do yourself a favor and click on through to view Dubost’s masterpiece in its complete glory. And then hire him!

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    • Melissa Llarena

      After speaking with Philippe this morning, as a career consultant, I shared with him how to think through the criteria through which he should evaluate the opportunities that are coming his way, how to tackle compensation inquiries, and the most effective mentoring strategy for someone in an evolving high tech world. I wish Philippe immense success. He is not just an online resume sensation but he has an impressive greater vision for his career – one that I wish my clients would believe in and take a risk towards #risk-taking #effort – Melissa Llarena of Career Outcomes Matter