Why Puppies Are Better Employees Than Us

Two-fluffy-dogs-on-laptops.-WhatPuppies are great. Really! And if you need any more proof, a recent study by Hiroshima University found that puppies (and kittens) have a positive impact on behavioral performance in tasks that require carefulness, especially at work. But I’d argue that we can take this a step further and postulate that puppies would, in fact, make much better employees than us.

Here’s why:

They are always willing to please. Puppies and dogs in general are notorious for being people-pleasers. If your boss is looking for a customer service representative, puppies are guaranteed to remedy any sour situation. If all else fails, they will show off their big ole’ puppy-dog eyes to your irate customer, and all issues will immediately be resolved.

Employee takeaway: Be open and willing to help your coworkers.

They will fetch things on command. If your boss is looking for a personal assistant or office intern, a puppy might be the right fit for the job. You won’t hear anyone complaining or griping about doing work that’s beneath them because puppies see fetching your boss’s coffee and paperwork as fun!

Employee takeaway: Take on any and all tasks with a smile — you won’t love everything you do, but it will pay off later!

Retention isn’t an issue with puppies. Puppies are possibly the most loyal animal there is. Employers should expect employee retention to soar when employing puppies in the workplace, because there is little wrong you can do in the eyes of a puppy. They don’t typically expect lofty benefits packages either.

Employer takeaway: Not everyone is going to love working for you, but finding and hiring loyal employees will make a difference.

They’re honest. Who’s ever heard of a lying puppy? No one. And let’s face it, employers don’t want to deal with employees who cover up their mistakes or lie on their resume. Puppies don’t have a very good poker face, so you’ll usually know if they did something wrong.

Employee takeaway: Lying on a resume, in an interview, and on the job will always come back to bite you.

To finish reading this (adorable) post, head on over to Come Recommended.
To finish reading this (adorable) post, head on over to Come Recommended.

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