Allegation: NY Cop Shot Himself Because His Female Boss Harassed Him For Sex

article-2270884-1741918F000005DC-514_634x422Good morning! Ready for the most sordid workplace accusation you’re likely to read all week? According to a lawsuit filed yesterday, a veteran NYPD cop killed himself last year because his boss forced him to sleep with her in exchange for a lighter work load and better schedule.

Officer Matthew Schindler, 39, shot himself almost a year ago after pulling to the side of the Long Island Expressway. Now his widow, Gina, claims that he did so because his supervisor, Sgt. Christine Hertzel, essentially forced him to. According to the suit, Schindler ”was made to understand that he would suffer tangible detriment in his job, job assignments, work conditions and future prospects if he did not submit to the sexual advances and demands of Hertzel.”

The suit says that Schindler and Hertzel were sleeping together for almost a year before his death, and that Schindler ”realized and/or believed he could not escape the continuing sexual advances and demands of Hertzel.” On the day of his death, he asked her to end the affair and threatened to kill himself if she wouldn’t release him.

Schindler’s widow is suing the city, the police department, and Hertzel herself.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the saddest, most sordid (alleged) workplace harassment story of the day.

Photo: Daily Mail


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