My Best Day At Work Ever: 7 Stories That Will Make You Happy

0201 bestHopefully you have lots of good-enough days at work. But what about a best-ever, never-gonna-forget it day? Time for some Friday inspiration! Here are seven true stories from people sharing the details of their most spectacularly satisfying days on the job: A special message from Apple, a triumphant “I quit!” story, a company going public, and even a phone call from Oprah herself. Read on (and enjoy images of the happiest TV and movie characters we could think of). Photo: lanych /

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    • Rachel

      An app that features “you may choose general ethnic groups to run over with your bus.” is not really something I’d be proud of.

    • Kerri

      I wonder who would say their best day at work was also the best day of their life in general? Or who would want to dream about it and relive that day?