• Fri, Feb 1 2013

It’s A Date. (Or Is It?)

content_couple-drinking-wine_320x212The message came through LinkedIn. “I’ll be in New York again shortly,” it said, “and wanted to know if you want to grab a drink.”

I’m bad with names. His company vaguely rang a bell. We weren’t Facebook friends. “I’m sorry if this sounds bad,” I wrote back. “But how do I know you?” He explained that we’d met at an event a few years back. “We had a back and forth going on,” he said.

That only confused matters further. Were his intentions personal or professional?He had reached out through a professional site yet had used a dating keyword:“drink.”

Once it was standard to say, “Can I take you out to lunch to discuss my new project/company/product?” But in a world where we all feel like we “know” each other through social media, everything is “Wanna grab a drink?”

Lea Goldman, editor of Marie Claire magazine’s MC@Work section, scolds this guy for his ambiguity. “Had he asked you for coffee, do you think you’d be nearly as confused?” she says.

To finish reading this post, head on over to DailyWorth.
To finish reading this post, head on over to DailyWorth.

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