7 Factors You Forgot To Consider During Your Job Search

job_search-e1360085110369One easily overlooked way to describe the job search: consuming. Even the most resilient and proactive job seekers tend to lose themselves in the search for employment.

Getting hired is no easy task nowadays. Many job seekers forget to dissect job descriptions and their personal needs to get to the bottom of what they’re really looking for. Fancy job titles and company descriptions aside–what factors are requirements for you to remain happily in a position for the long haul?

Here are seven aspects you need to consider to ensure your job search does more than just find you a position you’re OK with:

1. Your Values

When was the last time you assessed your core values? Take a moment to question yourself about your own personal mission statement, goals and values. These three things are incredibly important for your on-the-job success and long-term happiness. If you value continued improvement in your leadership skills, be sure to look for opportunities that align with this value.

2. Company Culture

Once you’ve directly assessed your values, your job search should be highly focused on seeking out companies which match your needs. Company-based values are generally known as a company’s culture. Does your vision directly align with that of a potential company? If so, apply!

3. Flexibility

Many job seekers desperately need a flexible schedule, while many employers aren’t always keen on offering one. If you’re looking for flexibility, be sure to make this an important part of your job search. Consider seeking out positions that hold precedence with regard to a flexible schedule–remote work and freelancing opportunities are perfect for those interested in a slightly more flexible schedule.

4. Travel

If traveling is your favorite hobby, then it may be time to consider it in your job search. While these business trips might not land you in luxurious destinations, positions allowing you to travel might fill a void and create on-the-job happiness.

5. Career Goals 

Your career goals should always be in at the front of your mind. In the current job climate, many job seekers are veering off from their original goals to simply take positions which pay the bills. Try your best to seek out positions that help to push you toward the goals you’ve set for your future.

To finish reading this post, head on over to Come Recommended.
To finish reading this post, head on over to Come Recommended.

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