Anne Hathaway Has Now Made England Hate Her, Too

article-2276898-177BBF5D000005DC-788_634x837Poor Anne Hathaway. I want to like her, I really do. She’s talented, gorgeous, open, a sincere supporter of some great causes, and she seems pretty down-to-earth despite being an A-list movie star. And yet. Her awards-acceptance tour for her dazzling role in Les Miserables has turned into a round-the-world carnival of irritation. Her latest forehead-slapping acceptance speech came at the BAFTA awards in England. The Daily Mail‘s headline doesn’t mince words: “Anne Hathaway becomes a laughing stock.”

First, let’s flash back to Anne’s painful Golden Globes acceptance speech:

The online hatred immediately after this speech was overwhelming. The Daily Beast went so far to speculate on whether the anti-Hathaway vitriol would be strong enough to hurt her Oscar chances. “Why Do People Hate Anne Hathaway?” Buzzfeed asked … and answered. A comedian produced a genius video parodying her Les Miz performance and skewering her obvious Oscar desperation.

Flash forward to the BAFTAs, which took place Sunday in London, and are often referred to as England’s Oscars. Hathaway again gave a long, gushing speech, this time thanking Victor Hugo, the 19th-century author of the novel on which Les Miz is based. “Sigh. There Anne Hathaway goes again, being all surprised and honoured and humble with a carefully rehearsed extemporaneous speech,” one cynical viewer tweeted.

Poor Anne. Her career is ascendant, but her cool-kid status seems irretrievably lost. Every time she speaks in public, people hate her more. Can a movie star’s career survive an international tour of annoyance?

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