Katie Holmes Ditching Her Fashion Show To Pick Up Suri Is Great For Her Brand

screen-shot-2013-02-10-at-5-54-41-pmKatie Holmes didn’t have an official presentation at New York Fashion Week, but her fashion line Holmes & Yang did schedule a private showing of the latest collection for press. However, the blizzard that hit New York on Friday meant early school closings for New York City kids, which includes little Miss Suri Cruise. I’m sure Holmes has a bevy of people on her staff who could have picked up her daughter, but instead she chose to do it herself and had to skip out on some of the showing to go pick her up. Holmes & Yang’s target customer is the stylish working mom, making this a great move for Katie. The press ate it up.

The collection was inspired by working women and mothers, Holmes’s partner Yang told InStyle.com after the show, an inspiration that lent itself to go-anywhere pieces for day and night.

“Our customer is somebody who wants to be comfortable” says Yang, a mother of twins. “You want to look good, but Katie and I always talk about this, it should never come at the cost of comfort.” As Holmes herself told The New York Times, their goal is “to make high-quality pieces that are simple enough, you can wear over and over again.” Katie leaving to go pick up her daughter wasn’t planned (probably), but it was in line with the customer they want to reach: the cool, working mom who sometimes has to go get her kid in the middle of the day.

Though there was speculation that the line was not good enough to get an official presentation at NYFW (they showed in the spring), Katie told Women’s Wear Daily they opted for the more casual setting on their own. Katie baked muffins for editors, offered tea and even encouraged people to take their shoes off.

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