This Video Of An Office Doing The Harlem Shake Will Make You Happy

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 7.44.47 PMThe Harlem Shake is a dance I do not totally understand because I am not cool, but rest assured it is THE dance to be doing these days. (Gangnam Style is, like, totally 2012.) According to YouTube Trends, which tracks such things, about 4,000 Harlem Shake videos are being uploaded every day, which is a LOT. And the best version I’ve seen so far takes place in an office.

First, the basics. This post is a good primer. Apparently the Harlem Shake requires two things.

- At the video beginning, only one person (often masked) is dancing. Anyone else in the room/area are either still or simply not paying attention to the masked dancing.


- When the bass drops, everyone else joins in on the dancing, usually accompampanied by costumes and/or props.

Fun, right? Even the Today show is doing it.

With that in mind, check out this version, filmed at Maker Studios. It fulfills the requirements: Only one guy, in a motorcycle helmet, is dancing at first, and then when the bass drops, everyone else jumps in. Good clean office fun:


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