Five Quotes That Will Make You Love Connie Britton More Than You Already Do

mag-17Britton-t_CA0-articleLarge-1If you have watched Friday Night Lights and/or Nashville, you do not need a primer on why Connie Britton is the best. She plays characters who are strong, confident, warm, charismatic, and smart, and is, I have always imagined, all of these things herself. A fantastic new profile of Britton in the New York Times magazine proves it, and includes some true gems of wisdom on Britton’s unorthodox and brilliant career, which has only become stronger since she turned 40, defying Hollywood stereotypes. Connie, if you’re reading this, please become my best friend and mentor.

1. “Maybe I was too tall.” — Britton on why she didn’t get the Renee Zellweger role in Jerry Maguire, despite knocking out the director, producers, and everyone else except wee little Tom Cruise

2. “The thing about taking risks is, if it’s really a risk, you really can fail. It’s only a pretend risk if you really can’t fail.” SO TRUE.

3. “Let’s put it this way: The older you get, the easier it is to date younger men. There are more of them.” LOVE YOU AND WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY.

4. Quote from the magazine story that will make you lose your mind if you watched Friday Night Lights: “She and her co-star, Kyle Chandler, had long conversations about how they would help each other make choices­, moving forward, that reflected the values that earned them such fan loyalty on the show.” Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, of course they did!

5. “My life started being awesome five years ago.”

God, I love this woman.

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