KFC Employee Fired After Posting Disturbing Mashed Potato Photo

article-2282075-18297056000005DC-813_634x890Today from the department of “People Who Deserved To Be Fired, And Then Were, And What Did They Expect?”: A KFC employee posted photos online that showed her licking a large tub of mashed potatoes in the restaurant after it was closed. Surprise: She was quickly fired.

The Tennessee high school girl, who luckily for her has not been identified by name, can be seen in the photo closing her eyes and sticking out her tongue as she leans perilously close to the metal tub of mashed potatoes in her arms.

After the photos started going viral, a company spokesman told the local newspaper that  that customers didn’t receive those particular potatoes. Uh, that seems extremely difficult to prove, but maybe for the sake of our collective sanity we should go ahead and believe him.

Here are some workplace lessons we can learn from the saga of the KFC mashed potato photo:

A) Don’t grossly violate company policy
B) and common sense
C) on company property
D) and then take photos of it
E) and post those photos to the Internet.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail has a pretty hilarious-slash-repulsive roundup of a few other incidents in which fast-food employees were fired after contaminating food and then posting photos of it online. Click here to lose your appetite just in time for lunch.

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    • Anon13

      You don’t want to know what foodservice workers do to your food. Just don’t think about it, and pray most of them are not stupid enough to post pictures of themselves doing it on the internet.