Finally, The First Vine Resume

For every new online tool, there’s a person using it to get a job. There’s Aleksey Vayner‘s notorious YouTube resume “Impossible Is Nothing.” There’s the ad executive who offered a $70,000-a-year job to the person who wrote the cleverest tweet. Now, after weeks of agonizing waiting, we finally have the world’s first Vine resume.

Vine is an iPhone app that lets you create and post six-second looping videos to Twitter and Facebook. It is pretty addictive, and I say this as a relative Luddite. It was huge during Fashion Week, and others have used it for unexpected purposes like six-second book reviews and six-second news analysis. But so far it hasn’t been clear how to use it for networking or job-hunting.

Now former Fox News Radio political director Dawn Siff has created what appears to be the first Vine resume. Her Vine features five quick shots of Siff against a brick background. She holds various props as she summarizes her skills: “Journalist, strategist, manager, deadline Jedi, idea machine Dawn Siff.” It’s cute! It’s also very, very short, of course, but Buzzfeed has the story of how creating it actually took four hours and several video producer friends.

Siff tells Buzzfeed she hasn’t snagged a job yet. But hey, the first step to getting hired is making sure your resume gets noticed.



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