7 Tips For Surviving The Office Bully

Cross-out-Bullying-e1361545155225Bullying doesn’t just take place in high school cafeterias or online. It’s prevalent in workplaces around the globe.

Recent studies show that up to 50 percent of workers have been exposed to bullying or some other form of workplace harassment. Workplace bullying is becoming a concern for organizations and HR professionals everywhere, and you’ll likely encounter some form of it during your career.

Office bullies come in all shapes and sizes. This is just one of the factors that makes surviving office bullying such a challenge, but it’s important to know there are a few techniques to overcome this issue. Here are seven ways to survive the office bully:

1. Don’t blame yourself. It’s easy attempt to place the blame on yourself when dealing with a bully at work, but this is never the answer. Instead of internalizing the situation and feeling helpless, try to focus on remaining optimistic and positive. This is a bad situation you’re being faced with — the bully is to blame.

2. Keep records. When it comes to handling harassment in the workplace, precise examples are often necessary when it comes to dealing with the offender. Keep track of everything the bully has done to you and make sure to use dates, times and places. This log will be a handy resource in taking action against this person by reaching out to your human resources manager.

3. Seek shelter from the storm. Finding support when dealing with a bully is crucial to your endurance. Share your feeling with those you trust within the office or even some of your connections outside of work. These people are likely to provide you with advice for taking the the next steps.

4. Be realistic. Sometimes even the most positive outlook won’t turn a negative situation around. Bullies can be relentless even when asking them to stop. Keep your expectations realistic and prepare to take the next step in dealing with this individual.

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