Announcing Secret Bullicorn: The Polite Online Introvert Networking Experience

bull_color-01-01-2Dear Introverted Bullicorns,

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about how to network when you hate networking, don’t know anybody, and feel awkward making chitchat with strangers. (SeeBullish: The Nerdy, Reflective Person’s Guide To Networking).

One solution is to (wo)man up and go do in-person networking events anyway. Make them a little better by researching the participants ahead of time and reaching out to a few of them over email before the event. Sidle up to other wallflowers and try the never-fail opening line, “Boy, these events can make a person feel a little awkward.”

Another is to use your magical introvert powers to pitch awesome stuff from the privacy of your bedroom/office/unicorn cave, nevermind the chitchat (see Bullish: 3 Tips for Pitching Your Dream Gig.)

These are both important strategies that have their place. But Jen suspects that a lot of us could make an entire career out of just networking and doing business with other introverts. Quietly! Politely! Without that guy who gets drunk at mixers and shakes your hand too hard and won’t let it go!

This week and next, Bullish is facilitating a networking experience for any interested ladies beginning THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 28. It’s called Secret Bullicorn (like Secret Santa, the time-honored office gift-distributing scheme). If you prefer writing and the Internet to wearing nametags and drinking wine out of plastic cups, this is for you!

To finish reading this post and find out how to enter, head on over to Bullish.
To finish reading this post and find out how to enter, head on over to Bullish.

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    • kj

      Boooooooooooooo I only saw this today. AND it was posted March 1st… ie, the deadline for the submission. Even bullicorns need some advance notice!