New Survey: Women Experience More Work Stress Than Men

urlThirty-five percent of American workers are chronically stressed this year, but hey, that’s actually great news! Last year, a whopping 41% of workers said the same, according to a new survey from the American Psychological Association. But there are some fascinating differences in how men and women experience work stress: Namely, women are significantly more stressed out than men.

Women report higher overall levels of work-related stress levels than men, according to a story about the survey in the Wall Street Journal. They’re likelier to feel tense over the course of an average workday, and likelier to feel as if their employer doesn’t appreciate them. Finally, 38% of women say they aren’t paid adequately for their work, compared to just 27% of men.

The paper features one woman who worked 60-hour weeks in construction management for a medical group in California. She missed her small children, and hated the long commute. ”I just wanted to crawl out of my skin,” she said. “I was overwhelmed.”

Eventually she took a new job, and she works fewer hours, spends time with her children after school, and has lost 20 pounds. She is also paid less, the article implies, but she is happy: ”We decided the rat race wasn’t really worth it.”

Elsewhere in today’s paper: “Study Points to Declining Life Span for Some US Women,” and experts don’t know why. Great news day for the ladies!

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