Male And Female Executives Think They Can ‘Have It All’

imgresWell, we can officially shut down the conversation about whether or not it’s possible to “have it all”: It is! A new survey of 4,100 executives from around the world finds that 70% of them, both women and men, believe they can have both a successful family life and career. There’s just one teeny-tiny catch: They don’t think they can have it all at the same time.

Fascinatingly, executives now define success in terms of balance, not money: When asked how they define “career success,” 56% said “work/life balance,” while just 46% said “money.” (They were allowed to give more than one answer.) About half of them said they had rejected or not pursued a job because they were concerned about balance issues.

Then again, when LifeInc. asked readers of an article about the survey whether or not they could have it all, just 17.2% said yes. Commenters seem pretty settled on the question:

“You canNOT have it all. Those who say they do are blind. They think they have it all, but what they have is ultimately an unbalanced mess.”

“You can have it all? Overconfidence breeds selfish, unwise arrogance. Career and Family, two TOTALLY different institutions.”

“There is only so much time and energy to go around…something’s gotta give.”


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