A Flexible Work Schedule Could Help Your Love Life

Unless you’re Marissa Mayer, you probably have an instinct that flexible work hours would be good for body and soul: Fewer hours spent in rush-hour traffic, the chance to go to an afternoon doctor’s appointment or a kids’ piano recital, and the opportunity to work when you feel sharpest and most motivated, to name just a few obvious benefits. But could a flexible work schedule also improve your love life?

The flexible-job search site FlexJobs (OK, they might be biased) recently conducted a survey in which they asked people how they thought a flexible work schedule would impact their personal lives. A whopping 99.5% said it would have a positive effect on romance and relationships.

Respondents said they’d have more time for date nights, personal care, and exercise if they worked flexible hours — all things that contribute to good relationships. And half of respondents thought a flexible schedule would decrease their stress.

More from FlexJobs’ summary of its survey:

  • 63% said it would help them be a better friend, with 91% saying that they would have more time for family or friends.
  • 82% said that it would help them be a more attentive spouse/partner/significant other.
  • 47% thought it would increase the dates/date nights in their lives.
  • 49% said that having a flexible job would benefit their romantic relationship, and another 30% weren’t sure but were hopeful.
  • 41% said that having a flexible job would improve their sex life, and another 34% were optimistic it would.
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