Mindy Kaling Is Writing A Second Book And Preparing To Become Your BFF Again

0313 kalingWhen it comes to imaginary celebrity BFFs, we can be a fickle bunch. A year or two ago, for example, charming and hilarious Office writer and actress Mindy Kaling was your imaginary BFF. Then you fell hard for Lena Dunham. And recently you’ve been wavering between Jennifer Lawrence and Mila Kunis, two stars so funny and likable that Hollywood.com recently pitted them against each other in “the battle to be America’s best friend forever.” Well, Kaling is ready to make a play for your friendship again: She’s writing a second memoir.

Kaling hasn’t exactly disappeared, of course. She’s starring in the first season of her own sitcom, The Mindy Project, in which she plays a single gynecologist in New York. Are you watching? My expectations for the show were high, but at first I was somehow disappointed by it, and critics seemed to sympathize: it was good, but not great. But I stuck with it because Kaling was, after all, my imaginary best friend and clearly she would keep watching my future personality-driven sitcom. By now, the show has found it’s footing, and it makes me laugh out loud to myself at least once an episode.

ANYWAY. Kaling’s essay collection, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (And Other Concerns, focused on her childhood and early career. Published in late 2011, the book was a best-seller, and the New York Times called her “the next Nora Ephron” (though they qualified that with a “perhaps”).

Her next book will be about the most recent past, which she calls “roller-coastery.” “In the past year my life has changed so much — so, so much,” she tells EW. “Personal things, like with my mom passing away and with the show getting picked up in the most roller-coastery way with all these unexpected turns, and becoming number 14 on the call sheet on The Office to becoming the star of a show.”

She told an audience at a recent talk that she will work on writing the book before production begins on the new sitcom’s next season. I predict she’ll be your BFF again by this time next year.

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