Morning Management: Is Your Beauty Routine Affecting Your Job?

Morning-RoutinesHave you ever waited for a man to get ready? Did you wait while he agonized over the perfect shoe or the perfect tie? Did he ask you how he looked, only to be unsatisfied with your answer before he promptly ran back to his bedroom to change? Here are a few things: It probably never happened, he may be a drag queen, and you know what I’m getting at.

Women take FOREVER to get ready. We don’t like leaving the house sans makeup or without our hair properly primped (thank god for top buns!). We have to know where we are going so we know how to dress, and years of What Not To Wear taught us to never shop in sweats (although I have no problem rockin’ some yoga pants).

Getting ready is a full-time job, and women are the CEOs. But amidst all the brunches, dinners, and cocktail parties, you have a little thing called your j-o-b. And if your beauty routine is anything like mine, it may be affecting your work performance. Is it time to downsize your beauty bag?

For a successful work day and thriving career, each morning every woman should:

Breathe and Balance

Focus on the day and set a pace. Be grateful for the day and just breathe it in.

“The best way to start your professional day is with five minutes of calm breathing,” suggests Angie Schuller, author of God and Boobs: Balancing Faith and Sexuality. “This exercise improves both beauty and brains. Breathing relaxes facial muscles, decreases fine lines, and brightens eyes. It also helps us focus on the 1-2 items that matter most to a successful workday.”

Get Prepared

Read your email with coffee or watch the news while you’re straightening your hair. Nothing is more impressive to a boss than an informed employee. In this tough economy, you need to look and know the part.

“Your attitude and mindset can make a beautiful day ugly,” warns Heather DeSantis, account coordinator at RMD Advertising. “I begin each day by listening to thought-leaders and positive-thinkers such as Tony Robbins or Zig Ziglar. I also spend a lot of time planning and visualizing my day, becoming so certain of my schedule that I am determined to get the results.”

To finish reading this post, head on over to Levo League.
To finish reading this post, head on over to Levo League.

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