Solve A Problem, Get A Sale—And A Referral

puzzle-pieces_webHow often have you bought a product based solely on an ad or a jingle? The truth is, prospects are rarely converted to customers based on bombardment strategies. The more effective strategy is to find potential customers who are already actively seeking the solution you’re offering.

How do you find them? First, recognize that your prospects may not realize that they’re seeking your product or service. They’re often looking for an answer to a question, the fulfillment of a desire, or the alleviation of a frustration. That’s what they’re typing into Google or asking their Facebook friends about. That’s the stuff of coffee conversations.

So, start there. Ask yourself: What questions are my best prospects likely to be typing into Google? What are they talking about with their friends over social media? Ask your current customers: What specific needs do you have?

Once you’ve got that information, name it. Touting the overall benefits of your product doesn’t matter nearly as much as understanding and naming the itch your prospect is looking to scratch. Try to use the same language and points of reference that your customers, and potential customers, would use to describe that very itch.

To finish reading this post, head on over to DailyWorth.
To finish reading this post, head on over to DailyWorth.

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