Women Respond To Office Stress By Working Harder. Meanwhile, Men Take Extra Sick Days

urlWomen face more incivility and disrespect in the workplace, but they respond by working even harder, according to a new study. Meanwhile, men who face similar rudeness are likelier to respond by taking extra sick days and other breaks from work. So much for the stoic male.

The study comes from Australia, and it’s a relatively small one, involving just 317 white-collar workers. The study’s author tells an Australian paper that she classified incivility as including behavior like gossip, rolling one’s eyes, and making insults. It’s a step down from bullying, but still has a major impact on the health of an office.

Women tend to value smooth workplace relationships, the study’s author says. ”Therefore, when they are faced with incivility in the workplace — and this would generally be over work issues — women are more likely to attempt to work harder with the aim to improve their work relationships,” she explains. Women also value ending the conflict over punishing the harasser.

Men, by contrast, are likelier to retaliate by removing themselves from the workplace by faking sick. Ferris Bueller was on to something, as it turns out.


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