The Tweet That Changed My Whole Career

Getting-a-job-through-a-tweetAuthor: Dhara Naik

In my mid-twenties I was working at a health care company, back when brands had just started using social media. I successfully launched a social media presence for this company by teaching myself everything I could about digital and social media marketing, and for over a year I watched proudly as we expanded our presence in the industry and impressed our funders—a tremendous accomplishment in the non-profit world. Though I was proud of my achievement, I was itching to do more.

I’d come from a background in psychology and health care, and thought that that was what I wanted to do, but something told me this wasn’t it. My achievement told me that I wanted to pursue a career in social media and digital marketing at an agency. I just had no idea how to make the jump from the tiny island that I was sitting on. All of the connections I had were in health care, and changing careers seemed like a daunting task.

I started by joining Twitter and following many influential people within the digital marketing and social media industry. Instead of applying through a website where I knew my resume would just end up buried in a pile, I decided to get gutsy and reach out to people on Twitter for tips and advice. I prayed someone would be kind enough to give me the inside scoop on a career at a buzzing agency, and all of my problems would be solved.

It turns out it’s just not as easy as it seemed. I tweeted, but not many people were responsive. Sure they’d follow me back, and even comment on a Tweet, but nobody wanted to really let me in.

That is, until I started following a VP at a known social media agency and happened to comment on a Tweet of hers. The Tweet was personal, and had nothing to do with the latest industry news, so I wasn’t expecting a response. But she tweeted me back! I took the opportunity to do some research on the company and its clients, and carried on a conversation.

To finish reading this post, head on over to Levo League.
To finish reading this post, head on over to Levo League.

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