The 140-Character Résumé

imagesMost job-seekers know that Twitter is an invaluable networking tool: Just Wednesday, we posted a piece from our friends at Levo League about “the tweet that changed my whole career.” But in the wild west of job hunting in 2013, Twitter isn’t just for making connections who will then take a serious look at your résumé: It is your résumé.

As the Wall Street Journal reports, as recruiters and HR folks flood the social networking site, “Job seekers, in turn, are trying to summarize their CVs in 140 characters or six-second videos.”

Enter the great challenge of Twitter: Summarizing your professional accomplishments and job history in 140 characters. The rules of the Twitter resume are still fuzzy: Is it OK to get somewhat personal in your tweets or should you keep it 100% professional (and dry, which seems to break the unwritten rules of successful tweeting)? What should you prioritize in a 140-character “résumé”?

Meanwhile, recruiters are on the offensive. One HR expert tells the paper that “Companies see its potential and they know that over time it’ll get more sophisticated,” meaning they’ll be able to target individual potential candidates with sponsored ads and regular tweets. There are questions for recruiters, too: Should they respond to tweets from candidates, or is that beneath them?

In February, one Boston company decided to recruit for a social media position completely on Twitter. It promoted the job via Twitter, and only considered candidates who tweeted using the hashtag #socialCV — and had at least 1,000 Twitter followers. The experience was a success for the company. ”I am fairly certain I am going to abandon the résumé process,” the company’s chief marketing officer says. “The Web is your CV and social networks are your references.”


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