Great News For Summer Job Seekers

McDonalds-RonaldThe last few years have been dismal for teenagers seeking summer employment. Many companies weren’t hiring at all, and since so many adults were also out of work, teenagers had to compete against workers with much more experience. That led the New York Times to ask if we were facing “the end of the summer job.” Apparently not: Fortune reports that the number of companies that say they’re planning to hire extra workers over the summer has risen drastically.

The info comes from a survey from the job site Snagajob, which focuses on hourly workers at companies like Home Depot, Pizza Hut, and Toys R Us. Only 31% of hiring managers say they don’t plan to add any summer workers at all. Those who are adding workers plan to hire an average of 30 people, up from 27 last year. ”It’s one of the best summers we’ve seen for new job seekers to get a foot in the door,” a Snagajob VP tells Fortune.

And there’s more good news for the lucky ones who get one of those summer jobs: The average pay for those summer positions has risen to $11.50 an hour, up from $10.90 last year. That’s the highest hourly wage in six years.

So go forth and apply! More than half of all summer hiring will take place over the next six weeks.



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