• Tue, Apr 16 2013

Willow Palin Graduates From Beauty School

palinBristol Palin is the Palin child who tends to get all the attention: She announced her pregnancy during her mother’s campaign for the vice presidency, she competed on Dancing With the Stars and then got her own reality show, and she “wrote” a “book” called Not Afraid of Life. But while Bristol, whose Wikipedia entry describes her as an “an author, advocate, speaker, and reality television personality,” may get all the attention, her little sister has been pursuing her own career, and it’s a much more traditional one.

Willow Palin, the Palin family’s family’s middle daughter, has just graduated from beauty school in Arizona.

According to a post on her mother’s Facebook page, Willow, 18, graduated from high school early so she could enroll in an Arizona beauty school called Penrose Academy.

Sarah Palin wrote:

In planning for her future, Willow thought long and hard about what kind of work would make her happy and provide her with a good income in today’s economy. She’s artistic and has an interest in making people feel and look their best, and as an entrepreneur with a strong work ethic she desires to be her own boss as a small business owner. With all that in mind, she decided to finish her high school requirements quite early and enroll in an academy for hair and skin, which allowed her to study abroad, visit the sets of major media productions, and work with the best of the best in the industry. She’ll be graduated this week with no debt and a great career ahead of her doing something she loves in a recession-proof industry (everyone needs their hair cut after all!).


Palin’s post continues, using Willow’s practical career move as an example of the importance of vocational training and practical career goals. She dismisses the idea of college as an “expensive voyage of self-discovery,” writing that young people should have clear career goals and a financial plan if they decide to pursue a four-year liberal arts degree.

Don’t worry, she also finds a way to bash the “liberal media.” But she ends on a solid point, one that’s nicely demonstrated by Willow’s graduation: “Follow your dreams, by all means,” Palin writes. “But don’t be blind to the fact that your dreams might be achieved outside of acquiring an outrageously expensive traditional college degree. Do not be lulled into thinking that good jobs grow on trees or that the government will somehow take care of you. The bottom line is – as my dad always told me – find out what you love to do, then find out how to make a living doing it. Learning a trade can do both.”


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  • Adelle

    too bad that instead of celebrating Willow’s graduation and becoming a small business owner in Arizona, both Bristol and Sarah tried to turn the focus of the occasion on them. Sarah used it to make a political statement and tell everyone why it took so long for her to graduate from college (anyone believe her comments about five years straight of doing internships? how her family was so poor that she had no scholarships but chose to go to community colleges in Hawaii and Idaho and pay out of state tuition rather than go to state funded schools. Her classmates in Wasilla write that she never was more than a middle of the class student–but now Sarah wants to rewrite history and hint that she turned down all those elite schools like Harvard and Yale etc. because she didn’t want to run around the country with her Daddy’s credit card in her back pack! And you almost thought the Dancing Fool would have shown up at Willow’s graduation with Joey Junker and announced her engagement or the Ex First Dude would have shown up with his mistress. Looks like those announcements will be upcoming and both Bristol and $arah restrained and didn’t schedule interviews with the media outside the graduation ceremonies.